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Aims and Ethos
BIBTF stands for the British Israel Bible Truth Fellowship – often called ‘the Fellowship’ by its members, friends and supporters.
The Fellowship was founded in 1974 by a body of Christians. Its first Organiser was the Rev. Charles Samuel McKelvey who had expounded the subject for several decades previously, as a lecturer for, and leader in, other British-Israel organisations.

His wit, wisdom and wide understanding is still sadly missed, since his death in 1976.

An appreciation of the late Rev. C S McKelvey was published in the May 1976 issue of Bible Truth (No. 17) which can be viewed by clicking here.

The Fellowship has always had a vision for outreach by preaching and literature.

Soon after its foundation, the Fellowship office operated from the Bible Book and Card Shop (High Road, Chadwell Heath) run by ex-newsagent Mrs Don Pond.
A large Bible, kindly donated by Mr & Mrs Galbraith from Glasgow, was central in the window. The page was turned daily to present a new Bible reading to the public.
D E Pond Bookshop Front
D E Pond Bookshop Inside
BIBLE TRUTH - the official magazine of the BIBTF - has been published, free and post free, since January 1975. Now published quarterly, in hard copy and electronic forms, you are welcome to download material from the current issue. To receive a free hard copy please E-mail us, or write to us, with your name and postal address.
Click here to view free material published in issue 249 onwards since 2008.
Bible Truth Publishers (founded in 1979) is the publishing arm of the BIBTF. Its first major title was ‘The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord’ by Rev. C.S.McKelvey published in hard copy and paper back forms in 1979. Most of our other publications are sold ‘at cost’ [i.e. at a price to just cover the full economic cost of reprinting and keep the title in print].
Click here to see titles and content snapshots in our online bookshop.
After Rev. McKelvey died in 1976, Rev. P E (Ted) Broad (Baptist Minister at Marks Tey, Essex) was appointed as BIBTF Pastoral Secretary. In 1982 the Fellowship office moved to Felixstowe until he retired as Pastoral Secretary at the end of 1987.
Ted Broad
Mr Paul Boyd-Lee BA. DipTh was appointed as BIBTF Secretary in 1988, since when the Fellowship’s office has operated from various addresses in the West of England. A third generation BI Christian, and founder BIBTF Trustee, His family and committee background, experience in commerce, entertainment and church life all fit him well for his present role.
Brigadier McIntyre CBE DSO
One colourful founder BIBTF trustee was Brigadier. H.M.J. McIntyre CBE DSO (1892-1993), elected Vice-President in 1974, and President (1980-81). In his youth he played rugby for Harlequins. He was wounded fighting in North Africa where he commanded the 51st Regiment of the Royal Artillery, and served in Palestine.

This fearless warrior, BI witness and lecturer, celebrated his 100th birthday in 1992. He wrote his testimony in ‘A Witness of God’s guidance in Two World Wars.’

Click here to view his testimony which was originally published in issue 157 of Bible Truth Magazine.

Click here to read the Obituary of Brig. H.M.J. McIntyre written by David Mclure and published in issue 164 of Bible Truth Magazine.
Another founder trustee was Mr Ernie Lane (Chairman of BIBTF Trustees (1980 -1987). His interesting job at the Royal Mint ensured the secure destruction of multi-million pounds of old bank notes. He served his community as a JP and as a town councillor at Laindon, Essex, were he also led a local BIBTF centre for many years.
Ernie Lane
Michael Bennett OBE
Dr. Michael Bennett was elected founder BIBTF President in 1974 and has served in that role from 1974 to 1980 & again from 1986 until 2022 when he was elected President emeritus. He is responsible for 'Action for Christian Teaching Studies', or 'ACTS', an organisation whose key aims were to discover and disseminate Bible Truth. A third generation BI Christian, son of a respected Pentecostal Pastor and preacher, he is also known as a plant research scientist, and author of over 340 scientific papers. He was awarded the OBE in 1996 for services to the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.
Organised British Israel societies have existed in Great Britain since the early nineteenth century. However, a belief that the historic British people descend from Israelites was a recurrent claim of British rulers and people for centuries before.

The Bible contains many promises to, and prophecies about, nations especially Israel. Finding the people in whom they are all fulfilled today is the key both to unlocking the identity of their modern owners, and, to understanding and solving the political, economic, environmental, social, moral and spiritual problems facing humankind.

These matters are ignored by most individual Christians, and obscured by the modern teaching of the mainstream denominations. Addressing them requires careful study.

The BIBTF exists to proclaim the counsel of God revealed in the Bible. This includes presenting evidence that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in the modern world, and Bible promises to Israel are being fulfilled in the history of the British people, so that people can make informed decisions based on the evidence concerning these issues.

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