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Aims and Ethos    
We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God revealing His plan for the Salvation of the world.

• In the days of Moses God made Israel His Servant Nation through which His plan would operate.

• About 960 BC God divided Israel into two nations, the one known as Israel and the other Judah. Thus Israel and Judah cannot be synonymous terms.

• Israel was exiled from Palestine to Assyria about 721 BC. They were scattered and ceased to be known by the name of Israel.

• Judah was exiled from Palestine to Babylon about 586 BC. After 70 years some returned to Palestine and were known as the Jews. About AD 70 some of their descendants were exiled and joined world-wide Jewry and are known to this day as Jews.

• The plan of God demands that Israel, not Jewry, become a Company of Nations. This is fulfilled in the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples in Britain, the Commonwealth, the United States of America, and elsewhere.

• The Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel, came to be the Saviour of men. The only way to forgiveness of sins and eternal life is a personal acceptance of His death and resurrection.

• The Lord Jesus Christ will shortly return to the earth with His Church (His Body) to reign over His Servant Nation, Israel (His Wife) the redeemed, the Reunited Israel and Judah, through whom He will rule the world.

• The dividing of the nations, and the present world upheaval and economic troubles are predicted in the Bible, and are proof that God's plan is reaching its climax.

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